Community Groups

Combining Teaching and Sharing…

Being a Christian involves growing together as God’s family through caring, sharing, digging deeper into the Bible, and reaching out into our neighbourhoods and world. But such vital expressions of Christian life really cannot be fully displayed in one large Sunday gathering.

Bodmin Community Church is committed to “Community Groups” – small local mid-week meetings where we gather to better live out our Christian faith. ¬†Combining teaching and sharing, we learn to both give and take and thus grow as both Christians and friends. Instead of looking inward, we look outward to our communities and how we might serve them. Through these groups, Bodmin Community Church hopes to establish an authentic Christian witness in the towns and villages of our surrounding area.

Join a group…

Gatherings take place during the week in various locations. If you are interested in joining one of these groups please make your intentions known to Pastor Simon Smallwood who will be glad to assist you. You can do this by clicking the Express Interest link below which will direct you to our contact page where you can indicate and submit your request.


Express interest if you would like to join a group.