Serving at home

Serving our neighbourhood

Here you will find details and contacts for a number of currently active ministries served by GCC members.  Some have originated in this church, others have a national activity which are supported through a local group.  If you would like to know more, please contact the person listed alongside, or if in doubt, contact Grace Office.


Collecting for Foodbank
Collecting for Foodbank

Local people donate non-perishable and long-life food to our Foodbank in Bodmin, at Bodmin Christian Fellowship (by the fire station), where it is collated and made up into food boxes that will support one person for 3 days. The Foodbank gives the boxes of food to clients referred to us by local care professionals, like the Social Services, when they encounter individuals and families with no immediate source of money to feed themselves or their children.

Email us or tel: 07512 011452

Cap Debt

The CAP Money Course is a nationally recognised money management course and Bodmin Community Church is pleased to be able to offer this free course for the benefit of anyone who wants to get in control of their finances.

We usually run a CAP course once a year. The course is designed to teach people skills in budgeting, spending and managing money with a view to preventing debt. It has received much acclaim from those who have attended it. Most of those we have met on the course would recommend it to others without hesitation.

If you would like to know more about the CAP Money programme and how it works, you can get more details from the CAP Money website.

If you would like to know when Bodmin Community Church will be holding their next CAP course, please contact us.